TDK: "Test yield becomes better through proactive Fab improvement"


Customer Q&A


TDK is a leading Japanese semiconductor company that commercialized ferrite technology.

The Integrated Device Manufacturer's (IDM) specialty includes magnetic sensors, passive components, and small batteries that are seen in products from drones to microphones.

TDK has worked with yieldHUB for almost two years as their chosen semiconductor yield analysis solution. They use yieldHUB's cloud option which gives them access to the platform through a web browser.

In a Q&A interview with their Asama-based Chief Project Engineer, Mr Hirotaka Gomi, they share details about their experience.

How has yieldHUB made a difference to you and your company?

Mr Gomi: Our test yield has become better through proactive Fab improvement and shorter feedback time from the Fab and test house. This has led to faster Fab improvement and higher accuracy.

What do you use yieldHUB for daily?

Mr Gomi: yieldHUB allows us to set Statistical Yield Limits (SYL) and Statistical Bin Limits (SBL), as well as, investigate the wafer map distribution and trends of the alarmed wafers so we can request the Fab to analyze the root cause.

With yieldHUB, we can compare and investigate the characteristics of the abnormal dies, compare and confirm test programs and create datalogs.

As your volume grows, how has the scalability of the yieldHUB platform helped you?

Mr Gomi: It saves us engineering time and human resources.

What are your favorite features in yieldHUB?

Mr Gomi: I would say SYL, SBL, test program comparison, and bin combine of multiple wafer test stages.

Does yieldHUB save you time?

Mr Gomi: Yes, it absolutely saves us time.

What features do you use in yieldHUB?

Mr Gomi: We use automated alerts for the early detection of abnormalities.

What do you think about the platform's design?

Mr Gomi: If we understand the meaning of the words in English, we can often obtain the desired results, intuitively.

How has yieldHUB helped you when you were under pressure or when you had a deadline to make?

Mr Gomi: It allows us to react urgently to abnormal elements (dies) through quick analysis data creation.

Does yieldHUB help you to collaborate more efficiently with colleagues in a different country, or when working from home?

Mr Gomi: We create data in Japan and request data analysis in Belgium on the same platform, so that’s very beneficial.

How would you rate our customer service out of 5?

Mr Gomi: Five, no doubt.

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