Problems we solve for Industrial Electronics

Foundry collaboration

Providing additional licenses to foundry partners allows a fabless company to accelerate yield improvement and make it for the long term.

Virtual retest of wafers

The ability to change limits easily after wafers have already been tested allows improved reliability and quality.

Wide variety of product Designs

A database capable of hosting a huge variety of products is required, potentially with a wide array of data formats.

Fast parsing of new data

Any system has to be able to support all the data formats from manufacturing. yieldHUB engineers and database design are able to support this.

Collaboration between worldwide teams

Customers typically have design and manufacturing across the globe. To solve this, yieldHUB integrates sharing and collaboration tools.

Commenting of data

With such a variety of products, experts can add comments to data to help speed-up support and debugging in the test houses.

Virtual retest of wafers

Wafermaps used for assembly typically come directly from the test equipment in wafer sort. In yieldHUB we allow engineers to update the wafermaps using algorithms that come between wafer sort and assembly. These algorithms “virtually” retest the wafer and update the assembly maps after wafer sort.

Collaboration between worldwide teams

Many of our customers have teams of product and test engineers in different continents. We have designed yieldHUB to provide instant sharing of information between such teams of development and frontline engineers trying to help each other fix a yield problem.

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Can you handle Fab/WAT data?

Wafer Acceptance Testing (WAT) also known as Process Control Monitoring (PCM) data is data generated by the Fab at the end of manufacturing and generally made available to the Fabless customer for every wafer. The data will typically have between forty and one hundred tests.

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yieldHUB analyzes many different formats. STDF is the most common. We have a number of articles available to give your support and our expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many datalogs can yieldHUB analyse at a time?

Thousands! To be clear, the only limit is the hardware.

We have hundreds of product variations, can you handle that?

Yes, the key thing is how many data formats, not how many products.

Do you support “commenting” of data if the language is non-English?

No problem. Add comments in Chinese, Korean, Irish, any other language and we support that!

Is yieldHUB analysis based on test name or test number?

We can configure yieldHUB for either. In fact this can be done on a per-program basis if needed.

We are more than happy to be working with yieldHUB for the next five years. Their big data software and worldwide support has allowed us to manage our yields effectively over the years and their solutions have evolved with our needs.
Julie Holland, Vice President, Corporate Operations of Diodes

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