United Kingdom

Kevin Robinson, Director of Customer Success T: +44(0)7735554610 kevin.robinson@yieldhub.com

Ireland – Headquarters

John O'Donnell, Founder and CEO T: +353 (0)879101978 john.odonnell@yieldhub.com

Europe Mainland

Alex Dondo, Official agent T: +39 334 1152856 alex@micon-global.com

East Coast

Carl Moore, Yield Management Specialist, USA (East Coast) T: +1 508 735 9713 carl.moore@yieldhub.com

West Coast

Andre Van De Geijn, Business Development Manager, USA (West Coast) T: +1 626 253 4959 andre.vandegeijn@yieldhub.com

Rest of America

Marie Ryan, Account Manager marie.ryan@yieldhub.com


Boaz Shani, Official Agent T: +972 54-5225304 boaz@micon-global.com

Rest of Middle East

Marie Ryan, Account Manager marie.ryan@yieldhub.com


Hiroyuki Itabashi, ATE Service, official agent T: +81 42 795 8600 hero@ate.co.jp

South Korea

Dongwan Kang, Link Global 21, official agent, T: +82 70 5138 0700 dwkang@linkglobal21.com


Jack Lin, Micon-Global, Official agent T: +886 9 72831383 jack@micon-global.com

All other Asian countries

Marie Ryan, Account Manager marie.ryan@yieldhub.com

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