Problems we solve for Consumer Electronics

Huge volumes of data

It is common to have >1TB of STDF data needing monitoring and analysis. Scalability with clever yieldHUB database design is key.

Hard to see anomalies in time

With such high volumes, a system like yieldHUB is a great help with parametric, bin and yield alerts available.

Test time

yieldHUB treats test time like a test. This means you will be able to analyse it comprehensively to reduce it over time and save cost.

Hidden failure patterns

The ability to quickly stack hundreds of wafers and see the yield at each x/y reveals patterns helping your foundry improve your yield.

Yield consistency

Before you go into volume production, yieldHUB’s powerful gage R&R tool will help you ensure consistently high yields across all setups.

Site issues

With multi-site testing very common for high volume chips, yieldHUB has all the site based analysis you need to optimise yield across sites.

Dealing with huge volumes of data

The advantage of traditional desk-top tools was that they were fast. That is, once you had the data downloaded to your desktop. They allowed analysis of a few hundred tests and provided standard reports which were useful to send to colleagues and customers. The main problem was scalability.

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Yield Consistency via Gage R&R

Gage R&R has been used for many years in the semiconductor industry to measure variation during test for repeatability and reproducibility. These measurements are then used to assess the suitability of the test for production.

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How automated alerts can help you

While automating reports which are delivered regularly are very good for monitoring when something does go wrong, e.g. a low yield, or a parametric shift, it is important to know as soon as possible. This is where alerts are key.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What data formats do you support?

STDF is the most common, but we support spreadsheet, CSV, binary and other formats.

Do you support test data from modules and systems?

Yes, we have several customers who have data from modules and systems and you can analyse this data in yieldHUB.

Is yieldHUB only available in the cloud?

We offer both options. Smaller companies generally use yieldHUB in the cloud. Larger companies use our on-premise solution.

Is it possible to compare the performance of the subcons?

Yes, you can group all the parametric and bin data by subcon and see the differences. This will allow you to have consistent yields across all your subcons or help a subcon succeed if they are having problems. You can even provide your subcons with yieldHUB licenses, but they will only be able to see what they test themselves for you.

We find that there are many useful tools in yieldHUB for quickly determining the true source of a yield issue.
Jerry Kao, Senior Engineer - Ambiq Micro

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