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yieldHUB is a SaaS company (with an on premise option) that provides yield management and comprehensive data analysis for semiconductor companies. Our customers include leading fabless companies and IDMs worldwide.

We serve companies who work across the entire semiconductor industry, from Computer and Peripheral Devices to Consumer Electronics, Telecommunications Equipment, Industrial Electronics, Defence and Space and Transportation Technology.

One purpose-built platform that can do it all

60+ billion


yieldHUB has helped improve the yield for manufacturers of 60 billion chips in past 12 months.



Our system is used in 21 countries



There are thousands of yieldHUB users around the world

Rave-worthy features our customers love

New Product Introduction Production Advanced Production

yieldHUB Characterize

Speed up a key part of the NPI process with virtual retest and outlier analysis built into our automated, scalable, cloud-based solution.

Parametric analysis

Analyze parameters and tests in detail, including and applying filters.

Drift analysis

Quickly analyse drift across all your tests when you do the likes of burn-in and life test or temperature guard-banding.

Bin analysis

Bin galleries, stacking of wafermaps, trends.

Gage R&R

Detect tests that are sensitive to set-up and fix them before release. This ensures consistency across sites, testers and interface cards.

Calculated Tests/Multivariate analysis

Create tests from other tests, e.g. test1/test2 or test1 with a different set of limits. Done virtually in the database.

WAT Analysis and PCM

Analysis of parameters tested at Wafer Acceptance step.

Compare site vs site performance

Be on top of site performance issues, even search all the DB for wafers that had excessive loss due to site issues.

Wafer sort analysis

Wafer visualisation, parametric and bins, yield. Stacking hundreds of wafers at a time.

Detect Program Changes

Check if the program changed even if the name didn’t. Check the changes from one program to another (eg missing tests, limits widened etc).


See which factors are most affecting yield and parametric performance.

CP1/CP2 analysis and consolidation

Variation of Wafer Sort testing (typically CP1 at ambient and CP2 at hot).

Auto cleansing of data

Incorporating automated re-screen algorithms to clean up final test data before you look at it.


Ability to correlate performance across manufacturing stages, e.g. what effect do fab parameters have on wafer sort/final test.

Statistical Bin Limits

Calculate and save SBL limits interactively.

Lots on Hold Dashboard

Add material causing alerts to a dashboard you can bookmark.

Multi-die analysis

Correlate data from multi-die packages to wafer fab.

Outlier Detection

Detect outliers automatically using public domain algorithms and your own algorithms.

Why do industry leaders choose us?


We’re scalable from a few GB to many TBs. We handle your data as you grow.


We suit every budget - the more power you want, the more you pay.

Reduced hiring needs:

We reduce the amount of engineering time needed for yield improvement.


Communicate across time-zones and locations more easily.

yieldHUB makes my team 10 times more efficient. This saves us hundreds of hours each week, which corresponds to many thousands of dollars.
Byungwoo Han, Principal Engineer - Test Development, ADTechnology Inc
We find that there are many useful tools in yieldHUB for quickly determining the true source of a yield issue.
Jerry Kao, Senior Engineer - Ambiq Micro
yieldHUB is a very handy software tool for general production engineering or test engineering teams to do semiconductor data analysis.
Shane Zhang, Head of Product Engineering - Displaylink

Fabless semiconductor companies

yieldHUB's specialised yield management software helps fabless companies to grow. We enable you to see what's happening in manufacture, then solve problems as needed. This gives you oversight to maximise yield. Our fabless customers range from start-ups to market-leading companies.

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IDM (Integrated Device Manufacturers)

Manage yield throughout your company with yieldHUB. Our system helps you collaborate with teams worldwide. It sends reports regularly and alerts when necessary to help you stay on top of production. Spend less time analysing data and more time solving problems with yieldHUB.

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