Problems we solve for fabless companies

Scalability issues

We’re massively scalable from a few gigabytes of data to terabytes. As your company grows you won’t have to worry about changing software.

Limited budget

yieldHUB is very cost-effective for the amount of service and functions you get. There is a large return on investment by using yieldHUB.

Hiring needs

yieldHUB reduces the engineering time needed for yield improvement. This will reduce your hiring needs as the company grows.

Global collaboration

The system improves collaboration between your teams and the sub-cons and OSATs. You can even add customers if you wish.

Time needed for analysis

yieldHUB is fast. Your team can analyze many datalogs in minutes. They will spend less time gathering data and more time solving problems.

Archiving and storage

yieldHUB is cloud-based so you can store huge volumes of data. We archive for as long as you need to.

yieldHUB is fast, scalable and comprehensive


Fabless customers

Most of our customers are fabless companies.

GB to TB

Range of data

From 10GB to 100TB, we host a large range of data for our customers.


Number of chips shipped

Our customers ship up to billions of chips each year.


Wafer map


Yield trend


Scatterplot chart


Sample histogtam


Grouped correlation chart


Why do fabless companies choose yieldHUB?

Yield improvement Return on investment Alerts Intuitive design Cloud-based

Yield improvement

Yield improvement

yieldHUB helps you to increase yield and reduce scrap. It tracks what’s happening on the factory floor and recognises anomalies. Engineers spend less time gathering the data and more time solving problems. All of this combines to increase yield margins and reduce scrap.

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Return on investment

Return on investment

yieldHUB quickly pays for itself. When you invest in yieldHUB, you will quickly earn your money back through increases in productivity and yield improvement.

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When there is a problem, yieldHUB automatically sends alerts to your team. This makes problem-solving easier and quicker.

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Intuitive design

Intuitive design

The system is designed and managed by semiconductor professionals, for semiconductor professionals. It shows you what you’d intuitively want to see.

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Because yieldHUB is in the cloud, you can store as much data as you want, for as long as you need. It's always up to date, so your team is looking at the most recent data. There is no need to download anything.

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yieldHUB analyzes many different formats. STDF is the most common. We have a number of articles available to give your support and our expertise.

WAT Analysis and Process Control Monitoring (PCM)

Wafer Acceptance Testing (WAT) also known as Process Control Monitoring (PCM) data is data generated by the Fab at the end of manufacturing and generally made available to the fabless customer for every wafer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which data formats do you support?

We have yet to receive a data format we cannot support. Most common is STDF, but any type of text or binary format can be supported once it’s consistent.

What type of algorithms do you support for outlier detection?

AECQ001 provides algorithms that we implement in yieldHUB. In the same way, a customer can write scripts for even more advanced methods and we will support these without needing to know or see the inner workings.

Can I see which tests correlate with each other the most?

Yes, you can generate a Highest Correlations report from any datalog and you will find useful information to reduce your test time. You can also see which tests correlate the most with any given test.

How long does it take to set-up a yieldHUB demo site with our data for a trial

After signing an NDA, a trial site will take just a few days once you have given us data samples from common tester types or popular foundries.

The automotive industry has exacting data management requirements. We need to store our data for many years after the end of life of a product. Having a cloud-based, secure system is ideal for us. We started looking at yield management tools available on the market and found yieldHUB an excellent solution. It is cost-effective and easy to use. We find the system to be very intuitive. The options are categories that you’d want to see are quite intuitive. You can tell that it was developed by people in the industry, who know what they are doing.
Patrick McNamee, Director of Operations, EnSilica
yieldHUB makes my team 10 times more efficient. This saves us hundreds of hours each week, which corresponds to many thousands of dollars.
Byungwoo Han, Principal Engineer - Test Development, ADTechnology Inc
yieldHUB is a very handy software tool for general production engineering or test engineering teams to do semiconductor data analysis.
Shane Zhang, Head of Product Engineering - Displaylink
After an exhaustive search, we chose yieldHUB. It offered the best combination of production visibility in an intuitive design at an affordable cost. As we grow our team of product and test engineers, with yieldHUB’s ongoing commitment to supporting and improving their software, we are confident that it will continue to meet our ever-evolving needs.
Ray Clancy, Vice President of Product and Test Engineering, Movandi

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