Problems we solve for Defence & Space Industry suppliers

Lot norm

Multi-lot Lot Norm and Within-Lot Lot Norm, key requirements in the Aerospace industry, can be implemented and automated by yieldHUB.

Multi-year database

We can process all your data going back years into the yieldHUB database. Quickly find and analyse an individual die from 20 years ago.

ITAR compliance

Strict regulations about who sees any data is critical in this industry. yieldHUB solves this problem with an On-Premise solution.

End customer reports

Companies like Lockheed Martin and Boeing often need parametric reports that have a specified format. We provide exactly what’s needed.

Outlier analysis

Sometimes a die (or part) needs thorough analysis across all tests, including how the tests compare. This capability is available in yieldHUB.

Data cleansing

Multiple steps to test parts makes manual cleansing of the data difficult. yieldHUB automates this, even combining data from dozens of logs.

WAT Analysis and Process Control Monitoring (PCM)

Wafer Acceptance Testing (WAT) also known as Process Control Monitoring (PCM) data is data generated by the Fab at the end of manufacturing and generally made available to the fabless customer for every wafer.

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Data Consolidation: Example for Discrete Devices

Much of testing in this part of the industry is by hand by an operator. A lot/batch could have more than 1000 devices and the testing can take many seconds per device. Multiple datalogs can be generated at each step. yieldHUB “consolidates” the datalogs into one datalog for each step.

Data Cleansing

There is no point in expecting to make good decisions quickly unless you believe and trust in the data. In semiconductor test data, it is often the case that die are retested especially when the fail first time. Sometimes only certain hardware bins are retested. yieldHUB automates cleansing so that

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support data from Tessec and FEC testers?

Yes, we have supported these testers for over a decade.

Does yieldHUB provide drift analysis software?

Yes, we have powerful analysis tools for analysing drift in burn-in and life test

Can yieldHUB support us as you’re not a USA company?

We have technical USA personnel who are qualified to look at ITAR data. Our software team don’t need to see your data.

Can you support a specific report flow for our customer?

Yes. This is a key capability we can implement. We can customise the reporting for your needs.

yieldHUB is a very handy software tool for general production engineering or test engineering teams to do semiconductor data analysis.
Shane Zhang, Head of Product Engineering - Displaylink
yieldHUB makes my team 10 times more efficient. This saves us hundreds of hours each week, which corresponds to many thousands of dollars.
Byungwoo Han, Principal Engineer - Test Development, ADTechnology Inc
We are more than happy to be working with yieldHUB for the next five years. Their big data software and worldwide support has allowed us to manage our yields effectively over the years and their solutions have evolved with our needs.
Julie Holland, Vice President, Corporate Operations of Diodes

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