Problems we solve for Computer and Peripheral Equipment

Automated cleansing of data

yieldHUB cleans the data algorithmically for fast and accurate yield decisions by fewer engineers.

Foundry collaboration

Providing additional licenses to foundry partners allows a fabless company to accelerate yield improvement and make it for the long term.

Correlations across manufacturing

The ability to quickly correlate final test performance with fab WAT data allows better control in the fabs to maximise yield.

Virtual retest of wafers

The ability to change limits easily after wafers have already been tested allows improved reliability and quality.

Site issues

yieldHUB has all the site based analysis you need to optimise yield across sites.

Hidden failure patterns

yieldHUB quickly stacks hundreds of wafers and see the yield at each x/y reveals patterns helping your foundry improve your yield.

Automated cleansing of data

It’s difficult to make good decisions quickly unless you believe and trust in the data. yieldHUB automates cleansing for you. This ensures the data your teams have is accurate. They can make correct decisions more quickly and easily with yieldHUB.

Virtual retest of wafers

Wafermaps used for assembly typically come directly from the test equipment in wafer sort. In yieldHUB, we allow engineers to update the wafermaps using algorithms that come between wafer sort and assembly. These algorithms “virtually” retest the wafer and update the assembly maps after wafer sort.

Correlations across manufacturing

Being able to detect how WAT parameters affect performance in wafer sort and final test is a critical technique for yield improvement. yieldHUB not only allows this but automatically links the data in the database to speed up this operation. The result is great insight into avoidable yield loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a data format that is immediately compatible with yieldHUB?

STDF, ATDF and our own yh.csv format are immediately compatible with yieldHUB. Other data formats may need a special parser or an update of a parser we already have.

How long does it take to set up a yieldHUB demo site with our own data for a trial?

Post an NDA a trial site will take just a few days once you have given us data samples from common tester types or popular foundries

Can yieldHUB allow me to edit wafermaps?


Will yieldHUB allow me to see which tests correlate with each other the most? I need to remove some tests to save on test time

Yes, you can generate a Highest Correlations report from any datalog and you will definitely find useful information to reduce your test time. You can also see which tests correlate the most with any given test.

yieldHUB is a very handy software tool for general production engineering or test engineering teams to do semiconductor data analysis.
Shane Zhang, Head of Product Engineering - Displaylink

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