The speed of search and the speed of comprehensive diagnosis of a single die across manufacturing maximizes your ROI.



More semiconductor companies are using onetime programmable (OTP) memory to store traceability information per die. In the event of a customer return (RMA), this data helps identify and analyse the die relative to the rest of the population. yieldHUB goes a step further. 

Tests that contain this information are combined automatically during datalog processing by yieldHUB so that those individual dice are searchable and analysable even years later in seconds. A complete picture emerges across test manufacturing of the performance of the die relative to other dice. This saves hours, even days, of work in the event of an RMA or when the die has not yet been shipped.

Reliability and traceability are essential in AI running in the cloud, blockchain, automotive, 5G. Semiconductor companies require very fast traceability aligned with easy extraction to run machine learning software, along with the ability to factor in whatever environmental variables they may have.