yieldHUB is very fast. So much so that engineers spend a lot less time to do their job than in other systems.

yieldHUB enables you to analyse STDF datalogs in seconds. We continually upgrade existing customers when we find new ways of increasing speed.

You can analyze data without downloading it.

To stack 100 wafers, just select them and go.

If you have multiple manufacturing stages, all the data is on yieldHUB and no need to go separately to databases for WAT, wafer sort, final test, module test, system test. This saves a lot of time. The data is also linked so correlations are almost instant across stages.

If you choose the cloud option, because of the technology used, it’s as if the server is on your desk. Massive datalogs are analyzed in an instant.

You can request a report before grabbing a coffee, and it will be ready by the time you’re back at your desk.

Neil While, Test Development Engineer, EnSilica

“I am impressed by the remarkable speed yieldHUB processes large datasets. This tool certainly masters the ‘big data’ problem. ”

Byungwoo Han, Principal Engineer – Test Development, ADTechnology Inc.

“yieldHUB makes my team 10 times more efficient. It used to take us three hours to convert multiple STDF files. We now have our data in five minutes! This saves us hundreds of hours each week, which corresponds to many thousands of dollars.”

Shane Zhang, Head of Product Engineering, DisplayLink

“The teams see the same data, charts and reports which makes communication and problem-solving faster. It’s easier for me to manage the teams and see what’s going on at each stage. ”