yieldHUB VP of Operations Kevin Robinson. Picture: yieldHUB

The semiconductor industry is an engineer driven industry. Although the largest volumes of data are production data there is always a need to analyze engineering data.

yieldHUB allows both production and engineering data to be analyzed. Production data is protected, controlled, cleansed and automatically reported on. Engineering data is easily uploaded by any user, is flexible and editable.

Broadly speaking these are managed separately but they can be compared and analyzed together.

yieldHUB VP of Operations, Kevin Robinson expanded on the benefits. 

"Production data is critical and needs to be treated carefully and any adjustment or editing of the data needs to create an audit trail," Mr Robinson said.

"On the other hand, engineers often need to analyze and edit engineering data with the same powerful tools used with production data.

"In a system like yieldHUB there needs to be flexibility for engineering data as well as close control of the production data. To solve this conundrum, yieldHUB provides complete separation of the engineering data and the production data."

He said moreover, every engineer will have their own engineering database with full flexibility and without affecting the integrity of production data.