yieldHUB is highly scalable. The system can handle a few gigabytes of data to multiple terabytes, and everything in between.

  • You can stack up to 50,000 wafers at a time!

  • You can trend tests and bins in seconds, even across thousands of wafers. In other systems costing around the same, this is not possible.

  • yieldHUB has been designed for extreme scalability from the start, it’s not an afterthought!

As your company ramps up production, you won’t need to worry about storage issues slowing you down. We look after this for you. You won’t need to hire new IT people or buy servers to manage the data unless you really want to switch to the On Premise option of course.

Some yield management software providers cater for small amounts of data while others are set up to handle big-data only. We look after companies of all sizes with growing data. yieldHUB is the ideal solution for fast-growing fabless and IDM companies, regardless of their size.

As volume grows, you will be able to analyse and stack hundreds of wafers at the same time.

The image shown is a stacked yield map of 500 wafers comprising 20GB of STDF data. It was generated in less than 20 seconds using yieldHUB on a Chrome browser.


The scalability of yieldHUB databases means that you can centralise all the data and generate powerful analyses and correlations right across manufacturing.

Scalability and Efficiency

With this scalable approach, enjoy the freedom of being able to test and monitor everything thoroughly, move to multiple parallel sites, even strip test, without being concerned about the analysis software not being able to handle it. Don’t have your highly educated and skilled engineers spend a few hours a day downloading, preparing, and filtering data for a meeting. Let us look after that, and your team will focus on more strategic areas.

Byungwoo Han, Principal Engineer – Test Development, ADTechnology Inc

“STDF file conversion, management, speed and capacity problems caused a lot of hassle and took time. It was solved by yieldHUB! The main selling point for us what yieldHUB’s huge database scalability. We can store huge volumes of data and generate sophisticated reports at the touch of a button.”

Shane Zhang, Head of Product Engineering, DisplayLink

“In previous tools, we could only analyse a few datalogs at a time. In yieldHUB, you can analyse simultaneously as many datalogs and wafers as you need.”