The system is designed and managed by semiconductor professionals, for semiconductor professionals. It shows you what you’d intuitively want to see.

We designed the system based on the gaps we saw on the market. We take all feedback from customers on-board and where possible, use it to make our system even better. We follow what’s going on in each industry and anticipate needs. From these, we develop our product roadmap to make sure you get the data you need to see.

Because yieldHUB is a web-based system, enhancements are seamless. Significant upgrades are handled through a beta site being made available for a short period of time. For example, a recent upgrade was to our characterization module to enable it to retain configurations of conditions from previous products. This was available to test in a beta site and released into production once approved by our customers.

The capability to drill-down from reports in one click is a key element of the design. For example, you can drill down from product yields to specific lots to specific wafers to a specific wafer and then to a specific die, in less than a minute. At each level you can analyse in detail.

You can use the array of analytical tools available within yieldHUB but also export the charts and tables to other third-party tools.

Patrick McNamee, Director of Operations, EnSilica

“We find the system to be very intuitive. The options are categories that you’d want to see are quite intuitive. You can tell that it was developed by people in the industry, who know what they are doing.”

Ray Clancy, Vice President of Product and Test Engineering, Movandi

“yieldHUB offers the best combination of production visibility in an intuitive design at an affordable cost.”