Bad data = bad decisions

Good data= good decisions

Making better decisions leads to improved ROI

Data is an asset only when you can trust it. This implies that the data has to be both clean and reliable. 

In fact, data can be gold in such circumstances when used in efforts to reduce scrap and improve yields.

With very small volumes the data can be manipulated by an engineer to remove bad, duplicate, or incomplete parts in order to provide actionable reliable reports. How do you do this with large volumes of data?

yieldHUB accomplishes this in two ways. 

First, we apply sophisticated automated scripts that cleanse the data in the database. Second, we also provide engineers with the means to further apply fixes easily and quickly when the data has been mis-labelled in test operations.

This leads to a trusted platform of data that enables fast and confident decision making for improving yield and reducing scrap. This results in a significant ROI for your company.