yieldHUB creates the reports you need. Semiconductor engineers designed it for product and test engineers and their managers. It provides actionable data to help detect and solve problems.

Product and test engineers work with the test data generated during manufacturing to solve many different issues. Typically each engineer has more than one product to monitor and react to in case of an issue. This is where yieldHUB software helps.

The yieldHUB system generates enough detailed reporting automatically to tell your engineers where the issues are. It saves many hours a week per engineer compared to other options in the market.

This means that product and test engineers spend less time gathering data and more time solving problems.

Reports are automatically sent to the right people. Daily, weekly or monthly. You can include whoever you want, even customers and suppliers. They will receive reports and/or alerts automatically.

It tracks so much data that they can play around with it and discover useful reports you didn’t know existed. If you need a particular type of report beyond what’s already available, we will work with you to provide a cost-effective custom solution.

Key benefits:

  • Generate sophisticated reports at the touch of a button

  • Share reports with the team anywhere in the world. You can even give customers access to the data if required

  • Automated report generation across thousands of tests with varied visualisations throughout the report

  • Reports may be saved on-line and be combined into a Master Report

  • Ability to add comments on-line to the report & to each test individually

  • Ability to easily replace a subset of the data if retesting is required for a certain set of conditions

  • Easy navigation throughout the report

  • Bird’s eye overview of production, right down to die level reports

Ray Clancy, Vice President of Product and Test Engineering, Movandi

“yieldHUB offered the best combination of production visibility in an intuitive design at an affordable cost.”

Byungwoo Han, Principal Engineer – Test Development, ADTechnology Inc.

“We can store huge volumes of data and generate sophisticated reports at the touch of a button. We can search data across multiple parameters, various variables and environments (PGM, Site, Test Equipment, Probe Card, LoadBoard, etc.). Problems related to such environments can be instantly identified.”

Shane Zhang, Head of Product Engineering, DisplayLink

“You can generate multiple charts and reports to help you solve problems quickly. The layout of the data analysis features is great. It shows you what you’d intuitively want to see.”