Automated reports are essential for monitoring issues like low yields or parametric shifts and the quicker you're alerted to these problems, the better. That's where the power of an alert system comes into play, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve. yieldHUB offers this among many other features, giving our customers a competitive advantage.

Below we outline the benefits of having an alert system:

Problem detection: yieldHUB is in the cloud so it is always on. When it detects a problem it will send a notification / alert to anyone set-up to receive them. This makes problem-solving easier and quicker.

Peace of mind: Notifications are set-up in approx 10 seconds. So there is no reason not to be first to know when there is an issue with your product. It also means you don’t have to check on each project as often. If you don't get a notification, everything is going well. The yield management gives you peace of mind that production is running smoothly, without you even have to log in.

Choose what notifications your team receives: Your engineers will be able to receive notifications and daily reports covering yield, bins and tests, even on their smartphone. The notifications will be based on rules decided by the engineers to spot yield, bin and parametric exceptions.

yieldHUB is cloud-based so it is on all the time. When it detects an issue, it will send a notification. It allows your team to deal with issues early on, and prevent them from becoming bigger issues. This increases the chances of meeting company deadlines and improving profitability. Because the engineering team is freed up from procuring data, they have more time to solve the problems that arise.

The detection of yield, bin and parametric issues is done automatically on the server. Notifications are based on rules set-up by the user. For example, when looking at a yield value on a search table, you can simply click on the value and a user interface appears that allows you to set a notification for yield within bounds you decide yourself. It also allows you to copy other users that would be interested in receiving the notification. It’s the same for bin and parametric notifications. Notifications are setup in seconds when looking at results.

If you don’t want to receive notifications, you can opt for a dashboard where the anomalous material is listed and from where you can drill down into analysis reports for each wafer or lot.

If you want non-users to be notified, you have the option to add email only users to receive notifications from yieldHUB.

Interestingly, some customers have “quality-based” notifications. These notifications are triggered when yields are too good to be true. Eg a product that typically has 97% yield should never have greater than 99% yield and hence a notification can be set-up to catch that. The nature of some handlers is that you may have bogus bin 1s being reported and this helps capture that phenomenon.

Byungwoo Han, Principal Engineer – Test Development, ADTechnology Inc

“I can identify problems that I had not detected even after collecting and checking data all day, using yieldHUB, in just one minute. We can search data across multiple parameters, various variables and environments (PGM, Site, Test Equipment, Probe Card, LoadBoard, etc.). Problems related to such environments can be instantly identified. ”