Movandi Engineer with yieldHUB CEO and Yield Management Specialist - USA. Picture: yieldHUB


“I am impressed by the remarkable speed yieldHUB processes large datasets. The ‘Cp/Cpk’ feature is very useful for test development and yield optimization. This tool certainly masters the ‘big data’ problem.”

Neil While, Test Development Engineer, EnSilica

“The automotive industry has exacting data management requirements. We need to store our data for many years after the end of life of a product. Having a cloud-based, secure system is ideal for us. We started looking at yield management tools available on the market and found yieldHUB an excellent solution. It is cost-effective and easy to use. We find the system to be very intuitive. The options are categories that you’d want to see are quite intuitive. You can tell that it was developed by people in the industry, who know what they are doing.”

Patrick McNamee, Director of Operations, EnSilica


“We work with tier 1 communication companies where quality is key. We realized early on that we needed a yield management system. After an exhaustive search, we chose yieldHUB. We felt that it offered the best combination of production visibility in an intuitive design at an affordable cost. As we grow our team of product and test engineers, with yieldHUB’s ongoing commitment to supporting and improving their software, we are confident that it will continue to meet our ever-evolving needs.”

Ray Clancy, Vice President of Product and Test Engineering, Movandi


“We are more than happy to be working with yieldHUB for the next five years. Their big data software and worldwide support has allowed us to manage our yields effectively over the years and their solutions have evolved with our needs.”

Julie Holland, Vice President, Corporate Operations of Diodes


“With the addition of MPR XY Mapping in yieldHUB, I am able to do extremely detailed analysis very quickly. This helps me to understand silicon variation and how it can affect the performance of critical components in the printhead. At Xaar, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality and performance to our customers. We’re excited to extend analysis capabilities beyond standard formats such as STDF without needing to change any software on the test floor.”

Alan Morgan, Principal Product Engineer, Xaar

ADTechnology Inc

“STDF file conversion, management, speed and capacity problems caused a lot of hassle and took time. It was solved by yieldHUB! It used to take us three hours to convert multiple STDF files. We now have our data in five minutes! This saves us hundreds of hours each week, which corresponds to many thousands of dollars. The Test Engineer can get the desired results without wasting time processing raw data. yieldHUB makes my team 10 times more efficient. They spend little time transferring data. We are very happy with yieldHUB and recommend them to Fabless companies about to start production. The way to check STDF data using yieldHUB’s database is very useful for companies that manage a lot of mass-production data, and it is a necessary software.”

Byungwoo Han, Principal Engineer – Test Development, ADTechnology Inc

Decawave -Qorvo

“At Decawave we’ve used yieldHUB extensively for generic yield enhancement activities and also for more challenging automotive related manufacturing tasks. From day one we’ve found the application and the YieldHUB team to be extremely flexible and accommodating. One of the biggest compliments we can give YieldHUB is that it has the feel of being a customised tool.”
Andrew Flynn, VP Manufacturing and Quality at Decawave (Now Quorvo)