“It’s a very powerful platform that can support you as your company grows further”

Pictured is Cambridge GaN Devices Director of Product Engineering and Quality Engineering, Dr. Shane Zhang. Photo: supplied

With roots from Cambridge University, Cambridge GaN Devices is an impressive semiconductor company, known for its range of energy-efficient GaN-based power devices that aim to “make greener electronics possible”. 

The fabless semiconductor company began looking for a semiconductor data analysis platform yield management system a couple of years ago and after comparing different solutions they chose yieldHUB. But for their Director of Product Engineering and Quality Engineering, it wasn’t the first time he used yieldHUB. Dr. Shane Zhang has hand-picked yieldHUB twice before at previous companies.

Dr. Zhang explained why yieldHUB is his go-to platform.

“In terms of processing the data from the wafer Foundry and Test House, it's very handy software for product engineering, yield enhancement, and reliability. You can log in from any web browser and engineers can do loads of data correlations and get a quick response,” Dr. Zhang said. 

yieldHUB uses two-factor authentication on a secure AWS cloud-based service. Other than a web browser, there is no additional software needed by the user. An on-premise option is also available. 

“The good thing is yieldHUB allows you to upgrade as your product volume scales up.”

“[When testing yieldHUB] I thought yieldHUB was very interesting software because all the features were straightforward and it was very easy to use. With a simple click, it can take you to the next level all the way down to a single die if you need to.

“The good thing is yieldHUB allows you to upgrade as your product volume scales up. So it’s a very powerful platform that can support you as your company grows further. I’ve used it before at previous companies where we had huge amounts of data to process and it gave us quick results.”

He said he’s confident yieldHUB will help Cambridge GaN Devices as they progress to the next stage.

“Our company is going to grow very soon. If you need to handle medium to large volumes of data then you need software that can handle it. It must be in one well-integrated system where you can run correlation at different stages. So we need one good solution that can resolve all these issues so that’s why we chose yieldHUB.

“We will work with yieldHUB’s team soon to get the data transfer automation in place before volume production. Also, the CP bin mapping and CP yield loss signature correlation to WAT is important for fabless companies when they need to work with the Foundry to resolve any process issues. 

Many customized features, like quality and reliability - drift analysis, is also very interesting for us."

“yieldHUB has been organized quite well and it’s easy to use. ”

The experienced engineer says they are already using yieldHUB on a daily basis.

“yieldHUB plays a very important daily role in our PE and QE teams.  First thing, as soon as we see wafers through WAT test from our Foundry, we use the yieldHUB to analyze the wafer WAT performance. We need to drill down to the site level detail to see if the spec requirements are well met before shipping for assembly. In case of any fab issue, then you can contact the Foundry guys based on that and share the data with them. You can work with them to get the problem solved quickly. 

“Also, in terms of final test in the test house, we will do a daily analysis of STDF test data whenever they are available. If there’s a test software or hardware issue or any chip problem in the test house, we need to look at the data carefully and resolve the issue swiftly to make sure lots yield as expected. So that’s what we do for test program review and yield enhancement at this moment.”

He said when choosing a semiconductor data analysis platform it’s important to choose a practical solution that has been designed well and to also consider the support team behind it.

“It’s about how you run the platform - yieldHUB has been organized quite well and it’s easy to use. The cost is based on what stage companies are at and also the volumes you want to handle, that’s important. I think all these reasons are why I think your software is so successful.”

Did you know you could get started with yieldHUB in a matter of days? Get in touch with our friendly team today for the details.