“It only takes a few clicks to get the results we need”


Customer story

Indie Semiconductor Product Engineer Charu Mamtani and yieldHUB Marketing Manager Madelaine Finucane. Picture: yieldHUB

Indie Semiconductor is known for its next-generation products, such as their edge sensors that are incorporated into Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

However, not many people know about the semiconductor company’s unique backstory. According to an employee, the company was founded by a group of like-minded individuals who all had one thing in common - they loved watching Indie movies. It’s how the successful company got its name.

Today the company is empowering the autotech revolution with its next-generation automotive semiconductors and software platforms.

yieldHUB is Indie Semiconductor’s chosen yield management platform. Product Engineer Charu Mamtani said she’s been using yieldHUB for more than a year and it’s changed how she works.

“We manufacture automotive ICs and chips. For example, today most cars have a battery charger port or a touchless lock for the car, these are the type of ICs we are involved with,” Ms Mamtani said.

“We have to maintain a target yield for each product and make sure it’s met so that’s where yieldHUB comes in. If we use something like Excel then we have to write scripts to make plots but if we go directly to yieldHUB, it only takes a few clicks to get the results we need. 

“With Excel, if we do the same kind of analysis it’s going to take a day or two and with yieldHUB, it’s within minutes. It’s efficient and easy to use.”

Indie Semiconductor product engineer Charu Mamtani. Picture: yieldHUB

She said before using yieldHUB she had experience using other Yield Management Systems (YMS).

“Before I was using another yield analysis tool and with yieldHUB, it’s easier to see each lot within a specific device and to search or do the bin analysis. You just have to log in and type in the lot ID related to it and you have everything in front of you.

“We’re able to use various kinds of plots and wafer maps to see where the defects are on the wafer. When we do bin analysis we’re able to see which bins have the maximum yield loss. 

“If we want to take a deeper look into it we can also see within that bin which test parameters are causing that yield loss and then we can compare it to the previous baseline lots.”

She said it helps them get yield numbers to their finance team faster.

“We can tell finance, these are our yield numbers, we are meeting the number and I think we’ll be able to improve it to this level because of this specific issue. Then we provide them with a new target and that helps us with our day-to-day activities of yield analysis.”

“I would recommend it to other engineers. ”

The engineer provided an example of how yieldHUB has helped her when under time pressure.

“We have a monthly meeting to review how the yield has been maintained over various products. We receive yield reports from test houses and it can be very time-consuming going over it when it’s been over a long period. 

“You don’t want to spend a lot of time going through the test house reports if you have yieldHUB. You just need to log in to yieldHUB and you can look through it quickly and get the numbers. Then I can tell management - this is the yield we are maintaining and where we are losing the yield.”

Further, she mentioned one of her favorite features is the automated alerts.

“We did have one device where we wanted to see the WAT parameter of that specific device when it went below a certain spec level so we wanted alerts on that.”

She said if she had the chance to reassess their choice of yield management provider, she would choose yieldHUB again.

“It has been helping us look at the wafers and when we’re looking at wafer sort data it divides each bin, that helps us. I think it’s been very helpful in that aspect and it’s also been great to get support.

“I would recommend it to other engineers. It’s of great help for product engineers and even for test engineers if they want to look at a smaller set of data or Gage R&R data.”

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