Customer story: “I’d give customer service a 10 out of 10”


June, 2022

LEFT TO RIGHT: Movandi product engineer Matt Beyer, yieldHUB yield management specialist Carl Moore and yieldHUB CEO John O'Donnell. Picture: yieldHUB

The fast-growing telecommunications company Movandi was launched by two siblings in 2016. They were both former Broadcom executives with a vision that transformed the wireless industry. 

Movandi, based in California, employs more than 40 people and specializes in 5G high frequency and millimeter-wave networks. Product engineer Matt Beyer leads the company in pre-production transfer and yield analysis. He studied electrical engineering at the University of California Irvine and is also a former Broadcom employee. 

He uses yieldHUB for “quick day-to-day analysis” and more.

“I’ve tried to do the same sort of analysis on other tools and it’s much faster typically in yieldHUB.”

“At Movandi we build both the chip’s software and we have a module business, which means we assemble our chips into functional components,” Matt said. 

“With YieldHUB it’s easy to connect the chip data to the module data so we have full end-to-end traceability in the data chain. For 5G specifically, there are tons of parametric parameters that we’re comparing the speed of. It helps to have a faster end-to-end observation for closing on an issue.” 

The product engineer said the yieldHUB system is user-friendly and intuitive. 

“In terms of navigation, I think it’s pretty practical the way it’s put together… it saves a lot of time. So basically for the day-to-day engineering stuff, we’ll go through and check all the data. 

“It’s quick to find any issues on the production side and there are alerts that can flag any issues that come up in production. 

“I’ve tried to do the same sort of analysis on other tools and it’s much faster typically in yieldHUB.” 

Movandi employees first heard about yieldHUB at an industry event. 

“I think it was within a week we were probably up and running.”

“My co-worker met a yieldHUB representative at a conference. He had recommended yieldHUB after having talked to you guys a little. He’s more on the test side and I’m more on the data side so he asked me to give it a demo.” 

Once they had completed the demo, he said the setup time was fast. 

“The bring-up [set up] was good. I think it was within a week we were probably up and running. It took a little while to put the sub-cons in the right folders but that's normal stuff.” 

He said his favorite part of yieldHUB is customer support. 

“A lot of the time I’ll click the support button and yieldHUB will respond pretty quickly, typically within the hour. I’d give customer service a 10 out of 10. 

“With your communication and chat history tool, I do see when you do certain actions it puts a note that you did something to the data set. I can imagine that being useful in a team environment. The automated alerts are a great tool too. It’s on us to set it up a little better but it is a useful feature. 

“It’s really good for distribution statistics and visualizing distributions. So I guess before yieldHUB we were doing things in excel and then doing things with some more basic yield software. Especially for production with big lots of data, it would be very difficult to just do that on my computer.”

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