Ambiq: “It is really impressive how yieldHUB does genealogy correlation”

Pictured is Ambiq Senior Manager of Product Engineering, Harsh Prateek.

Semiconductor company Ambiq was founded in 2010 and has already bagged many industry awards for their ultra-low power SoCs in various consumer electronics, from smartwatches to smart home systems and other IoT endpoint applications.

In 2016, the company began looking for a yield management solution to support its rapid growth in SoC development.

Ambiq chose yieldHUB because of “cost, speed, and ease of integration."

Harsh Prateek, a highly experienced engineer, shared how yieldHUB's platform makes a difference to him and his team.

"One of our challenges was to consolidate the data we received from different OSATs into a system for reporting. yieldHUB enabled us to aggregate all collected data quickly and visualize the data in one place for expedient analysis," Mr Prateek said.

"With yieldHUB, I can directly plug in our product information, see the accumulative yield summary, and take it to management.

"yieldHUB's speed and scalability have been impressive. I am happy with the speed, and the amount of data yieldHUB is capable of managing, including taking a couple of years worth of data and visualizing the results in detail all the way to the die-level.”

The Senior Manager of Product Engineering said his favorite part of yieldHUB is genealogy correlation.

"The genealogy correlation enables me to notice any issue as it happened.

"I think it's really convenient how the data gets tied up from the fab to the shipping to the customers. Other [yield management] companies I worked with offered the data but not a consolidated view.

"yieldHUB has made my job much easier by linking the wafer fab data all the way to my final test data. I don't have to use any other tools for analysis, yieldHUB has it all in one place."

When asked if he uses yieldHUB's collaboration capabilities, he referred to it as "a valuable option for companies with engineers located around the world".

To Mr Prateek, the automated alerts have been worthwhile, as they notify him as soon as the report is ready for use.

He provided an example of when yieldHUB has helped him.

"I needed to review quarterly product yields since the beginning of time on various products, including the various fallouts, and my go-to is yieldHUB for analysis. I don't have to use any other tools for analysis; yieldHUB has it all in one place.

"yieldHUB’s support to me and my team has been remarkable. Special thanks to Carl Moore (yield management specialist) from yieldHUB for his prompt support."

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Note: The customer story above is an abbreviated version of yieldHUB’s interview with Harsh Prateek, Ambiq Senior Manager of Product Engineering. The original story was amended on April 18 2023.