Introducing yieldHUB Characterize, the latest innovation from yieldHUB. Picture: Pexels

Introducing yieldHUB Characterize

The latest innovation from leading YMS provider, yieldHUB.

What is yieldHUB Characterize?

YieldHub Characterize speeds up a key part of the New Product Introduction process.

Characterization typically takes two or three weeks.

With yieldHUB Characterize the characterization report should take only an hour or two to generate once testing is complete.

This makes a tangible difference in semiconductor NPI where time to market is so important.

Who is yieldHUB Characterize for?

It’s primarily designed for test engineers in the semiconductor and automotive fields. It was launched early in 2019 with a lot of interest from companies involved with new product introduction.

Typical users include:

  • Test Engineers (they would typically generate the report)

  • Product Managers (reviewers)

  • Product Engineers (reviewers)

  • QA Managers (reviewers)

  • Designers (reviewers)

  • Marketing engineers (reviewers)


Why did you develop the module?

The module was developed following feedback from customers who found their characterisation process unnecessarily time-consuming and prone to human error when manipulating data in spreadsheets.

How does yieldHUB Characterize work?

The module integrates into the existing yieldHUB platform. It is available as a standalone module too. Kevin Robinson, Director of Customer Success with yieldHUB says “We expect that many new companies who haven’t worked with yieldHUB yet will want to use this tool”.

What are the benefits of using yieldHUB Characterize?

  • Scalable: Supports hundreds (or even thousands) of tests with multiple conditions each, leading to thousands of test results per die

  • Cloud-based (private or on secure AWS platform)

  • It’s simple to generate compatible datalogs (e.g. STDF or text-based), saving time

  • Multiple condition sets are supported

  • Easily filter and regroup the data across multiple conditions

  • Fast, interactive and scalable charting

  • Reports may be saved online and can be combined into a Master Report

  • Comprehensive outlier analysis

  • Easily replace a subset of the data if further testing is required at any stage

  • Easy sharing of the report with colleagues, to facilitate collaboration