yieldHUB sponsors a TechWorks award


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Picture: TechWorks Awards 2022. Photo supplied by TechWorks.

Limerick, Ireland, November 17 - yieldHUB is pleased to announce it will sponsor an award for this year’s highly anticipated TechWorks Awards and Gala Dinner.

The pre-Christmas event is filled with celebration as the semiconductor industry's brightest stars unite in Manchester to acknowledge the remarkable accomplishments that are shaping the future of technology.

This marks the third year that yieldHUB has been an awards sponsor as a TechWorks member that is dedicated to fostering growth within the UK’s semiconductor sector. 

The TechWorks Deep Tech Award is designed to commend and celebrate the progress of companies that exemplify outstanding growth within the industry. 

"As a long-standing Irish member company of TechWorks with employees and customers also in the UK, yieldHUB is honoured to be part of such a vibrant and dynamic community. We are delighted to be sponsoring an award at the end of year celebrations," said yieldHUB Founder and CEO John O’Donnell. 

TechWorks is the premier industry body representing over 250 members primarily in the UK. The event comes at an exciting time after the UK government recently announced plans to support and strengthen the industry with the National Semiconductor Strategy and Chip Start Program.

TechWorks CEO Charles Sturman said they’d like to invite its members to join them in celebrating the semiconductor industry's achievements.

“Techworks Annual Awards Dinner is the annual tech industry highlight for many in the UK where we celebrate the successes of the present year and look forward to the opportunities in the next,” Mr Sturman said. 

“We are proud to be supported once again by yieldHUB this year, as they sponsor the Deep Tech Award, which is awarded to the most promising and ambitious of UK Deep Tech companies. An important opportunity to recognise unique engineering and business talent from the UK”.

The annual gala event will be held in Manchester on December 7 and is a strictly ticketed event. For more details head to: https://techworksawards.com/ 

About yieldHUB:

yieldHUB is the region’s leading semiconductor data analysis company, dedicated to providing cutting-edge yield management solutions for semiconductor companies. With a strong commitment to industry advancement, yieldHUB plays a pivotal role in supporting the growth and development of the semiconductor industry in Ireland and the UK.

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