yieldHUB chosen by EnSilica for yield management


June 4, 2019

Today yieldHUB, an Irish company based in Limerick, announced EnSilica as a new customer. EnSilica, a fast-growing UK fabless ASIC design and supply company headquartered in Wokingham, chose yieldHUB for yield management and outlier detection. EnSilica is a provider of custom ASICS to the automotive, industrial and IoT markets. yieldHUB will be a key partner in enabling them to deliver these products.

EnSilica, founded in 2001 has world-class expertise in supplying custom analogue, mixed signal and digital IC’s to its customers worldwide. Last year they won a contract to design and supply an ASIL-D mixed signal ASIC for a major automotive Tier 1. The high quality requirements of the markets they serve require a yield management solution with outlier detection. yieldHUB provides yield management systems for many such Fabless companies addressing these high-reliability, quality focused markets.

John O’Donnell, CEO, yieldHUB said “Outlier Detection is essential for Fabless and IDMS involved or wishing to be involved in the automotive industry. By automatically identifying chips that are abnormal, our software significantly reduces the amount of potentially defective chips in the market. This increases the reliability and quality of the chips to meet the zero failure rate targets of the automotive market. The number of sensors and chips in cars is increasing rapidly and hence this growing need. Fabless companies in the past have relied on OSATs to implement variations of outlier detection, but customers tell us that outlier detection applied in the cloud by yieldHUB puts the control of quality back in their own hands.”

Outlier Detection is essential for the automotive industry, but many other industries are likely to adopt it too. Kevin Robinson, Director of Customer Success, yieldHUB said, “We’re seeing a lot of interest in the module from existing customers. It is ideal for the automotive, aerospace and medical industries. But many companies who make consumer goods want it too. For example, the margins in smart-phones and computers are tight. So having any defects can erode margins quickly. A serious defect can destroy an otherwise successful company. By investing in Outlier Detection at the outset, you minimize this risk.”

The Outlier Detection module will be available from September 2019. It is cloud-based with all the advantages that that provides. The ability to archive large amounts of data reliably is also hugely important.
Patrick McNamee, Director of Operations, EnSilica said “The automotive industry has exacting data management requirements. We need to store our data for many years after the end of life of a product. Having a cloud-based, secure system is ideal for us.”

yieldHUB’s system has been designed by Product and Test Engineers. The people who developed it are, by and large, the people who support it. Patrick said
“We started looking at Yield Management tools available on the market and found yieldHUB an excellent solution. It is cost-effective and easy to use. We find the system to be very intuitive. The options are categories that you’d want to see are quite intuitive. You can tell that it was developed by people in the industry, who know what they are doing.”

About yieldHUB

yieldHUB is a multinational company specialising in Yield Management Solutions for the semiconductor industry. For companies who need to optimize yields, yieldHUB software provides them with a complete understanding of yields in manufacturing. Advanced offerings include specialist software for aerospace, automotive and AI chips.
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About EnSilica

EnSilica is a leading fabless design house focused on complete turn-key chip and systems design, development and supply. The company has world-class expertise in supplying custom analog, mixed-signal and digital IC’s to its customers worldwide in the consumer, communications, industrial and automotive markets.
Visit: www.EnSilica.com
For more information, contact marie.ryan@yieldhub.com