Why you should invest in a YMS before production


Smart fabless companies understand that the key to thriving in this competitive industry is not just about the total number of semiconductor chips produced. It's also about preparing for unexpected issues that can pop up in production.

By establishing a solid infrastructure and training your workforce before production, your company can prepare for issues that arise during the manufacturing process and meet important deadlines such as time to market.

An increasing number of fabless semiconductor companies are making a strategic choice to invest in a Yield Management System (YMS) before embarking on the production journey. In this blog, we'll explore the reasons why.

Proactive issue resolution

The semiconductor production process is complex, with many variables that can impact yield and quality. By establishing a solid infrastructure and implementing a YMS in advance, companies can proactively address issues. When production hiccups occur, they can confidently rule out the YMS and other such infrastructure as the bottleneck. This forward-thinking approach minimizes downtime, accelerates troubleshooting, and can help you meet market demand.


Investing in infrastructure early allows semiconductor companies to build a scalable foundation. As production volumes increase, a good yield solution should have the ability to accommodate growth. For example yieldHUB offers cloud which is scalable. This approach can future-proof a fabless company against unexpected surges in demand or changes in production requirements.


Having a vendor on board early who has extensive experience across dozens of semiconductor customers is invaluable. This ensures that the best practices for semiconductor data are followed and data integrity is maximized. By the time production starts, all systems are in place for producing clean data that is linked across the supply chain.


Collaboration with suppliers and partners is vital in semiconductor manufacturing. Having a yield analysis software like yieldHUB enables better communication and data sharing across the supply chain. This fosters stronger relationships and ensures a coordinated supply chain.


By investing early in yield analytics, semiconductor companies have the opportunity to customize their YMS to specific production needs. They can fine-tune the system to optimize processes unique to their operations.

Talent attraction and retention

An advanced data analysis platform and forward-thinking infrastructure can be attractive to top talent in the semiconductor industry. Experienced workers look for companies with advanced technology and modern practices, which helps the company attract and keep excellent employees.

Final thoughts…

Infrastructure involves investing in the people who will manage these systems with the right training. It’s important to choose an easy-to-learn or intuitive YMS and to have a good yield management strategy in place. Some companies, such as yieldHUB, offer training workshops.

Investing in a YMS provides a more holistic perspective before production begins. By embracing these factors, companies can better position themselves for success in an ever-evolving industry.

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