Why should OSATs work with yieldHUB?


As a leading yield management company, we also work with OSATs and Test Houses, and partner with IT solution providers. Today, we will give you a broad overview of how we could work with your company.

What does yieldHUB do?

We provide yield management services for semiconductor companies. Our goal is to increase yield, reduce scrap and make engineers even more awesome at their jobs. We help with New Product Introduction (NPI) and have products such as yieldHUB Characterize and Gage R&R. Many semiconductor companies use our services during manufacture and testing.

Who do we work with?

We primarily work with Fabless and IDM companies. So our services are already for your customers. We also work with OSATs, Test Houses and partner with IT solution providers. Our software analysis system is used by semiconductor companies in many industries including:

Automotive, aerospace, consumer goods and smart-phones.

Why do they work with us?

Companies choose yieldHUB because of our team, as well as our software. We are semiconductor experts who are passionate about the industry. Start-ups work with us because we guide and help them. More established companies work with us because they like dealing with experts. Because our team come from the industry, our system is intuitive. It shows what a Product or Test Engineer would want to see.

Why should OSATs partner with yieldHUB?

There are many reasons to partner with yieldHUB. Here is an overview:

Increased service offering

By partnering with yieldHUB, you effectively increase the number of services you can offer. This gives customers and prospects a better overall package and options which increases the chances of winning new business.


Our software is based on a private cloud model. This means that you can host on your servers close to the testers or outsource the hosting to ourselves. Either way you can share data with your customers through the cloud and benefit from cloud archiving capabilities.


We’re seeing an increase in the need for quality and reliability. Our services are becoming more and more important for Fabless companies, especially in the automotive industry. By partnering with us, you can include this in your service offering.


We set up separate user interfaces for each client. In some cases, we have user logins for our customer’s clients. Using this service allows you to share reports and interact with your clients.

Development tools

We’re constantly working to develop new tools, services and improvements. If your customer needs a new innovation, you can talk to us. It may be something we’re currently working on, or we could create a customization in the future.


We are scalable from a few megabytes to multiple terabytes of data. We can help you with your customers, from small to large, and everything in between.

Safety net

Even if you have no immediate need, having yieldHUB on retainer is like having an insurance policy. You may never need to use our service, but if you did, it’s invaluable.

Ad-hoc projects

You could invest in a yield management team to develop and manage a sophisticated system for you. But it would be costly, especially as the services may not be needed for every client. By working with yieldHUB, you can work on us for projects as needed. This keeps your spending and investments much lower, while still offering a compelling set of services.

As you can see there are many reasons for OSATs to consider partnering with yieldHUB. To get started, contact us for a chat and we will take it from there.