Making your test house your test home

yieldHUB is a potential differentiator for Test Houses and how they collaborate with their customers.

yieldHUB is a potential differentiator for Test Houses and how they collaborate with their customers. It can transform the relationship to new levels of teamwork leading to fast solutions to yield and quality issues.

Test Houses can provide yieldHUB licenses to their customers. The result is a private cloud service for automated reporting, alerting and data analysis enabling real-time collaboration.

  • The Test House won’t need to ftp data any more to their customer, all analysis can be done securely on-line. If the customer needs the raw data, they can simply download it from the site. This won’t be necessary for analysis or reporting, but the ability to download is there anyway for convenience.

  • The Test House will be able to look at data from all their customers allowing them to become more efficient. For example, set themselves up to receive automated reports summarising the effect of testers or other factors on yield, bin performance and UPH.

  • Their customer is able to analyse their own product data only, but also in greater detail and faster than ever & receive automated low-yield reports or general summaries on a daily or weekly basis.

  • The data management is already taken care of on our servers.

All issues can be shared between the customer and the Test House instantly without exchanging raw data. For example, if the Test House discovers an issue with a test, they can straight-away share it with their customer who can add a comment on-line or just ring them up. Both parties are looking at the same thing. With such real-time sharing, the people concerned will get to know each other.

The result is unparalleled collaboration, seamless sharing without the drudge and time spent managing data. Fewer weekly meetings, less time-to-decision. More human interaction during the week and less firefighting.

Analysis is fast by both parties, collaboration is seamless. For the fabless customer it will be like testing at home in their back-yard. They might even start calling their Test House their Test Home!