JMP users: Save hours every time


So you’re a JMP user and your company has just purchased yieldHUB. So you’re wondering, is this a good thing or a bad thing? You have invested years into JMP and although you find it always took a lot of time to get the right data into JMP, you were happy once the data was in there. JMP doesn’t do data management. So now that yieldHUB is available to you, does this make it easier or harder to get your data into JMP, if at all?

Well actually, you’re in luck. yieldHUB itself is great for analysis but now lets you download to external analysis packages such as JMP and Excel with a preparation step that will take only a couple of minutes of your time. So the time saving sounds good, but, you’re asking, what type of data are we talking about?

yieldHUB data management and data integration

yieldHUB includes a relational database that contains the production datalog data from all your subcons, updated several times a day. Hence all the data management and integration is done within yieldHUB.

The following are the data that are stored and linked up relationally:

  • Fab PCM/WAT data, Wafer sort and Final Test data (e.g. STDF)

  • Characterisation data for new products

  • MES data (e.g. actual quantities tested, package type etc)

  • Genealogy data (eg which wafers from fab are in which final test split)

  • Inline Fab data when available

  • Comments and other knowledge sources

Having all this data in a scalable relational database allows powerful analysis within yieldHUB itself.

But I need to download data to use JMP

Currently, you’re not that interested in the analysis that yieldHUB provides. You just want to use JMP! So you need to download the data into JMP and take it from there.

To answer this need, weupdated yieldHUB to do a preparation step for any such download to Excel or JMP. This includes all the genealogy information also and MES information. So you have the connected data downloadable, up to 20,000 wafers at a time!

“The JMP download takes me seconds to set-up even for thousands of wafers. yieldHUB did a great job in making this so easy for me and my team to run very deep analyses.” – Engineer, Korea.

A typical download would be for a few hundreds of wafers of data for several key tests in wafer sort. All the raw data can be included, with summary stats, including Cpk, bin information for each die and the fab lotid for each wafer. The download format is compatible with JMP or Excel, depending on which option you choose.

With all the time you have saved, you should have time freed up to learn about why it may not even be needed to download to JMP in the first place! yieldHUB’s powerful native analysis may save you from paying for that JMP license for next year!