Innovative 5G start-up Movandi chooses yieldHUB for yield management


Media release - December 4, 2019

Leading yield management platform, yieldHUB has announced a new partnership with Movandi. yieldHUB’s combination of scalability and expert support makes them uniquely positioned to help companies like Movandi.

Movandi is a venture-backed fabless startup, fueling the wireless revolution; 5G & beyond. They will start working with tier 1 communication companies soon and need a yield management solution as they grow. After a tough selection process, they chose yieldHUB for their yield management needs.

More and more fabless companies are choosing to invest in yield management software to give them oversight of the manufacture of ICs from their OSATs. This gives them greater control over their products. By using yield management software, companies increase yield, reduce scrap and improve quality and reliability over time.

Ray Clancy, vice president of product and test engineering at Movandi said they work with tier 1 communication companies where quality is key.

"We realized early on that we needed a yield management system. After an exhausting search, we chose yieldHUB. We felt that it offered the best combination of production visibility in an intuitive design at an affordable cost," Mr Clancy said.

"As we grow our team of product and test engineers, with yieldHUB’s ongoing commitment to supporting and improving their software, we are confident that it will continue to meet our ever-evolving needs.”

yieldHUB CEO John O’Donnell said he was delighted that Movandi chose yieldHUB.

"The seamless scalability of our offering backed up by expert support makes us uniquely positioned to help companies like Movandi maximize their yields at volume in such a fast-growing sector as 5G.”

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About yieldHUB

yieldHUB offers modern data analysis solutions to the semiconductor industry. For companies who design and manufacture semiconductors, the cloud-based software provides a complete understanding of their product performance and yields.

About Movandi

Movandi is a venture-backed startup, formed by some of today’s top leaders in wireless communications. Movandi’s innovative RF front-end technology provides the foundation for unlocking the potential of high-frequency wireless communications, opening numerous new market opportunities and applications.

Note: As of November 2023 Movandi is no longer a customer of yieldHUB.