Image Sensor Yield Management


The Challenges of Image Sensor Yield Management

Image sensor data has multiple components with the images being the most important. However these images have large file sizes. With multiple images per wafer the data volumes quickly add up. Here are some of the challenges:

  • Huge data volumes which make the data less portable

  • Images require analysis to identify defects, this takes significant time on the tester or can require complex custom in house software

  • Information from the analysed images is usually in isolation to other data that is required for yield management

  • The result is that it is very difficult to address the low yields often seen in image sensor products.

The yieldHUB Solution

  • Image processing is transferred from the tester to powerful servers - reducing test time (cost) and increasing throughput for the same cleanroom space

  • Processed data is synchronized with the cloud - key yield management information can be synchronised without the need to send terabytes of data around the globe

  • Image performance data is integrated with electrical data (e.g. STDF and WAT data) in a database to enable yield management through trends, correlations etc…

  • The result is a comprehensive yield management solution for image sensor products with an excellent return on investment

    "We have worked closely with yieldHUB to define and implement a bespoke analysis solution for our Image Sensor product. This joint approach has led to a powerful system in which we can easily analyse images and correlate test results to Process Control Module (PCM) which would not have been possible with an off-the-shelf solution. - Paul Curtis, Operations and Site Director at Nordson Corporation, Southampton, England."