New module: yieldHUB Characterize


February 4, 2019

We are delighted to announce the launch of our latest module yieldHUB Characterize. This powerful new module speeds up a key part of the New Product Introduction process.

Characterization typically takes one to two weeks. With yieldHUB Characterize it should only take a few hours to generate once testing is complete

We developed this as a direct response to our customers’ needs. Speaking about the innovation, John O’Donnell, CEO, yieldHUB said “The characterization of a new product is complex and time consuming. We realised that there had to be a better way to speed up and improve characterization. We developed yieldHUB Characterize to allow Test engineers to automate as much of the report generation as possible and easily go back and edit parts of the report. The benefits of it are increased analytical power and visualisation in a fraction of the time normally used to generate Characterization reports. ”

yieldHUB Characterize is expected to make waves in the Yield Management field. A number of companies use a beta version and already are seeing reductions in the amount of time spent testing as well as improvements in accuracy.

The tool is ideal for Test Engineers in semiconductor and automotive fields. It is cloud-based and can be easily generated from compatible datalogs. It is scalable and supports hundreds of tests with multiple conditions.