Are your competitors ahead of you in yield management?



Watch the recording of a webinar we held in conjunction with SemiWiki here.

Learn how successful fabless companies solve their yield management problems.

In this webinar, we talk about our customers who are most successful in yield management and show you how to do the same in your company.

Yield management is a huge area so in this webinar we’ll show you how to take the next steps whether you work for a fabless start-up or established IDM or anything in between. We explain how the most successful fabless companies innovate to increase yield. The webinar is a starting point to make real changes that maximize your ROI.

About yieldHUB

yieldHUB is a leading yield management software provider. Founded in 2005, we’ve worked with leading fabless startups and established companies as well as IDMs. The most successful companies have characteristics in common. Through our work with them, we’ve amassed huge amounts of data and insights, some of which we’ll share in this short webinar.

More specifically, we discuss:

  1. Communication: Why it’s so important and how to create a culture of communication.

  2. Internal vs outsourced yield management systems: The advantages of internal vs external and help you decide which is best for your company.

  3. Multi tool mixed data locations vs everyone on one system

  4. Innovation: How to work with suppliers to create what you need.

  5. Q&A


Host: Daniel Nenni, SemiWiki

Presenter: Carl Moore, Yield Management Specialist, yieldHUB

Presenter: Kevin Robinson, Director of Customer Success, yieldHUB