The benefits of having a yield analysis solution which offers scheduled reports

Do you think that receiving daily reports and alerts would make your engineers more efficient?

If you're comparing yield management solutions, one feature that should be on your checklist is scheduled reports. But don't take our word for it, take our customers!

We recently spoke to a user who had feedback and it was so good we wanted to share it. So here's a summary:

The customer (who would rather remain anonymous) is a Fabless company and hasn't logged into the yieldHUB platform for a couple of months.

That might sound strange to some people but that's because they have setup scheduled reports. Their data pipeline adds multiple gigabytes of STDF and WAT/PCM data every month to the database and they swear by the system.

So how is it that they rarely log in, yet value yieldHUB so highly?

The company in question generally has high yields and on the odd occasion they might have yield that hits a couple of wafers. Therefore, it needs to be investigated.

What they told us is that they have setup alerts and scheduled reports using yieldHUB. Their users receive emailed reports every day for their key products and they also receive alerts on their phones if there are issues.

It means when it comes to bins, tests or unexpected outliers, the reports are clear and detailed enough to keep them on top of their manufacturing every day.

According to our customer, the yieldHUB platform generates enough detailed reporting automatically, in PDF format which is attached to an email, to tell them where they have the issues.

The customer says it saves them "many hours a week per engineer" compared to their previous system which required logging in, finding data to look at, downloading it and then analysing it in Excel.

With yieldHUB they would only have to log in, and no data download would be required)

So there you have it! The success of yieldHUB in their eyes is how much time it is saving them and that the time saved can be used for truly value added activities.

Do you think that receiving daily reports and alerts would make your engineers more efficient?

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