What is Genealogy Correlation?

Genealogy Correlation is the correlation of yield, bins and parameters from one manufacturing stage to another. If a sensitivity is detected, such knowledge can lead to better control of the parameter in the foundry, thus leading to increased yield and quality.

How is Genealogy implemented in yieldHUB?

  1. At least two manufacturing stages must have data.

  2. There must be an algorithm that connects from one manufacturing stage to another. This algorithm may be as simple as they share the same lotid and wafer id in the data supplied from the factories. 

  3. Any data for the product is automatically connected up in the database by VIPER (“V`irtual Product Engineer”), an automated system running 24/7/365 on yieldHUB instances.

  4. In the yieldHUB interface, the data is already linked up by VIPER so that generating reports and analyses for Genealogy Correlation is immediately available for the engineer. 

Case study: Genealogy Correlation

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