The yieldHUB platform is a premium product. We offer a range of pricing packages designed to fit the unique needs of each customer, from burgeoning startups to established industry leaders. Our flexible pricing structure ensures you pay for the features and capacity you need.

The price you pay depends on several factors:

  • The amount of data to be analysed

  • The number of users

  • The level of services

  • Number of add-on modules and any unusual formats.

Our most basic package provides sophisticated STDF and WAT analysis. The system is fast and analyzes thousands of datalogs in minutes. We have a huge range of modules and additional services available to meet your ever-growing needs.

Additional benefits we offer:

  • Knowledge base that stores your historical data

  • Integrated collaboration tools

  • Dedicated technical support

  • Regular feature updates

  • Library of FREE training and learning resources

Our pricing model is built on transparency and providing exceptional value. While we are a premium product, our focus is on delivering unmatched ROI.

Experience firsthand the capabilities of yieldHUB and schedule a personalized demo today.